Through Chapati Forum, FOCUS and its partners has supported and reached out to over 200 orphan centers and Special schools, hundreds of senior citizens or the elderly,  inmates from more than 20 prisons and more than 5000 street families. Through Chapati Forum, Street children have been reintegrated with their families, special school and orphan centers supported with essential commodities like food, clothing, beddings , mattresses, tanks, school fees, construction of houses among other. Chapati Forum as well provides an opportunity for mentorship, life skill sessions, psychosocial support, talent identification, spiritual nurturing, among others. It as well provides a socialization, network creation and building opportunities.

Chapati Forum has mobilized and attracted over 5000 volunteers (individuals and employees from other organizations) who give a minimum of 1 day per month for charity. We have consistently conducted at least one chapati forum per month which is purely volunteer lead, coordinated and funded by volunteers and willing partners. Chapati Forum has been very successful to an extent that members of the community including renowned leaders and Government officials have started a new trend, they are celebrating their birthdays through Chapati Forum! The program is now well embraced and managed by community members particularly the youth, and coordinated by FOCUS. Chapati Forum has been an effective corporate social responsibility activity that creates real impact in changing the quality of life of the less fortunate/privileged in the communities.