We seek to address these challenges encountered by the girl and boy child in school through a structure program of empowering, equipping the Guidance and counseling department and encouraging community institutions like churches, higher education institutions to offer counsel, role modeling and community support. While looking at the dark side of the boy and girl-child education, we think it would be fairer enough to acknowledge the fact that there is an almost a milestone to be achieved in ensuring that girl and boy -child education is well responded to in a number of our societies. 

FOCUS after realizing the above captured challenges have been running a program targeting teenagers and youth in  public primary school Dubbed, PEPEA an acronym for Prepare, Empower, Promote, Enable and Achieve, this is a program that aims to get interventions to the challenges faced by the teenagers and youth that could be a factor in the poor educational performance and falling in to major social challenges like Drugs and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, peer influence and school dropout among others. The model aims at empowering, equipping, counseling, mentoring and offering practical guidance so the teenagers and youth so as to enhance them to make informed choices regarding their lives.

The program also aims to empower the teenagers and youth with life skills and educational games to help them make responsible decisions regarding their life, sex and sexuality, through motivational talks, life skills sessions and role modeling from the former students of the targeted schools.

PEPEA Objectives   

  • Sensitize the youth on the effects of alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.
  • Identify the critical social issues affecting young people.
  • To build a strong Guidance and counseling department with skilled personnel and good environment.
  • To create a clear system of problem identification, support and referral where necessary.
  • To build student’s life’s kills, positive attitude and behavior change.
  • Offer professional guidance and counseling and motivational talks.
  • Improve reproductive health and Drugs and substance knowledge and help them understand their potential.


  1. Empower guidance and counseling department in school.

 Structured and equipped guidance and counseling departments can address these barriers to help youth get the information and assistance they need on different social issues including Alcohol and drugs abuse. In order to offer factual information coupled with referral service information to the youth, school Guidance and counseling department need to remain abreast of current information and practices. Thus the need for a training, to help close that gap by providing up-to-date, scientifically accurate information and ways of communicating this information. We plan to train the teachers in charge of Guidance and counseling, on basic guidance and counseling skills. We will as well train key student’s leaders and opinion leaders, as ambassadors of change, and formulate a strong PEPEA clubs in schools. We hope to partner with established institution of higher learning to provide learning center.

  1. School outreach program.

Professionals become mentors to each other on strategies for improving their academic performance, leadership, and issues related to the growing up and maturation process. They learn and share with each other through discussions, demonstrations, and poems and they become a support system that girls can turn to when they are embarrassed, or confused, or need help. The Girls’ and boys’ Forums at their school and mentors to their peer’s this enhances continuous of discussion even when the mentors or role models are not there. Guest speakers are invited to come to the Girls’ and boys’ Forum and provide information on specific areas of concern, such as careers, HIV/AIDS, leadership, nutrition, and other health related issues affecting girls’ and boys’  education. Building a brother’s keeper culture and running a life skills program that will not only address issues on sex and sexuality but also tackle issues concerning Healthy relationships, Communication, Assertiveness, Self-confidence and Self-esteem, Goal setting, Decision making, STIs and HIV/AIDS among others.  During the outreaches we aim at providing sanitary towels, panties for girls and inner wear for boys this will as well create an opportunity to discuss more on sex and sexuality..